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What Is the Main Idea of the Project?

1001Battle the first-ever global Internet project with the voting system enabled through social networks. You may create a battle of your own as well as take part in already existing ones. The battle itself is a survey with two options to choose from. Every person is free to vote for each of the available categories using his or her Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest profile. The main idea is to generate independent users’ opinions on various issues.

How to Add a Battle?

To add a new battle, a user must complete the sign-in procedure on the website. The registration process comes with a unique control question, "What is the name of this website?" The correct answer is 1001 Battle.

Once the registration has been completed, you will see the next form with the following info to submit:

  1. A question for the battle;
  2. Rivals names;
  3. Images that depict rivals from both sides.

Make sure you have carefully read all the rules and terms before adding a new battle.

Tips to Qualify with the Battle

The first step to qualify with your battle is to indicate the correct question. It should not contain the rivals' names.


  • Question: "Which university is better"
  • Rivals' names: "Harvard" and "Yale".

The names will be automatically added to the question, once it has been published.

If you do everything right, you will see the following: Which University Is Better: Harvard or Yale?

The next stage is to upload images with relevant names. Make sure they are in .PNG format.


  • harvard.png
  • yale.png

It is vital that your images fully refer to the rivals that participate in the battle. In reference to our example, a good idea is to use the photo of the university as well as its coat of arms.

What Battles are displayed on the Homepage?

The Homepage highlights 15 of the newly published battles.

How Do Battles get to the Top List?

10 last battles with the biggest number of votes get to our top list.