Terms & Conditions

The given Terms are to regulate the website use as well as to define mutual rights and obligations between the website Administration, website User, and visitors who are not registered but still make the use of website content, services and other intellectual properties. The Terms also define the responsibilities of each party as well as occasions that do not refer to them.

If you use the website, you automatically agree with the Terms described below. Do not use the website if you disagree with any of the following statements.

  1. Terms, used in the website terms of Use section

    1.1 Website – an online site accessible on the Internet under the 1001battle.com domain name.

    1.2 Website Administration – a website owner with the right to use and manage website assets, services, content, and other intellectual property. Website administration permits third parties and Users to use and access the website.

    1.3 User – an individual who has successfully completed the registration process after filling in the signup form and providing all the info required.

    1.4 Battle – a comparison of two categories or values handled by the website Users by means of voting. A user gives a vote for a particular category or value that represent different objects. They may include tangible and intangible objects as well as animate and inanimate ones, subjects, people, enterprises, specific expressions, words, sentences, collocations, etc.

    1.5 Account – a specific virtual environment within the Website provided to the User after a successful sign-in procedure. An Account is necessary to use the website in accordance with the given policy as well as its main purpose.

    1.6 Information – any information (messages, data, etc.) despite the way they have been provided. It can be delivered in the form of the question or answer published by the User on the Website. It may also include a user’s personal data indicated during the registration process as well as downloaded files (images, audio and video content, etc.).

  2. The Subject of the Given Terms

    2.1 The Main Website Purpose – the Website was launched to handle Battles initiated by Users.

    2.2 The website usage can be maintained in the following ways:

    2.2.1 Launch a new battle after publishing relevant information on the Website.

    2.2.2 Voting for a particular category or value that takes part in the Battle.

    2.3 Only registered Users have the right to access and use the Website in accordance with section 2.2.1 of the given Terms. All unregistered visitors are allowed to use the Website only as prescribed by section 2.2.2 of the given Terms.

    2.4 All Users including registered and unregistered visitors are able to use the website on a gratuitous basis.

    2.5 A User has a right to initiate a new Battle only after he or she has participated in not less than 5 other Battles launched by other Users. To participate means to give a vote for each of the categories or values defined in this particular kind of battles.

    2.6 To create a new Battle, a user needs to provide the required info in the "Add new Battle" section. The information must contain:

    2.6.1 The core question for the Battle;

    2.6.2. The image for the left category (value);

    2.6.3. The image for the right category (value);

    2.6.4 The name for the left category (value) – "Rival on the Left";

    2.6.5 The name for the right category (value) – "Rival on the Right".

    2.7 All Battles on the Website are divided into categories. Users are supposed to define a matching category themselves when adding a new Battle.

    2.8 The Website has several basic categories to choose from:

    • browser
    • cars
    • cbd
    • cryptocurrency
    • dating
    • food
    • hosting
    • school
    • sports
    • superhero
    • other
    • writing

    Website Administration reserves the right to change he lost of available categories whenever needed. A particular category can be deleted by the administration without notifying a User.

  3. Data Collection, Storage, and Sharing

    3.1 A User is obliged to provide real information every time he or she adds a new Battle. The information must refer to the core questions for the battle especially when it comes to category images and titles.

    3.2 A User is obliged to provide all the required info when signing in. Moreover, a User must submit addition info upon the Website Administration request. It may include User's login and email.

    3.3 A user is responsible for password safety. He or she is obliged to keep the entry data away from third-party access and never share it with other users. A user is responsible for all the consequences that result from password and personal info sharing as well as actions that contradict with the given terms. Website Administration is not responsible for any third party accessing the website from the User's account as well as for collecting personal data due to password loss or sharing. At the same time, website Administration is obliged to take all necessary safety measures to keep personal data away from frauds as well as reduce the risk of getting it to the wrong hands. If there is a sign of unauthorized access, a User should immediately contact the Website Administration as well as take all necessary measures (change password) to protect the Account and keep it away from third parties.

    3.4 The Website Administration has no right to take any of the following actions unless the right is determined by section 3.5 of the given terms:

    • share user's info with third parties for commercial, gratuitous or any other purpose;
    • publish info provided by the user on Internet sources featuring the public access with the exception of data that must be published in accordance with the Website technical requirements;

    3.5 The Website Administration does not share User's unless:

    • it is required by the state or investigation authorities, governmental institutions as determined by the official judicial act;
    • third parties or social organizations send a motivated and reasonable request explaining how a User could potentially violate their rights.

    3.6 A User is fully responsible for a published Battle as well as the content necessary for the Battle format. The Website Administration is not responsible for any piece of information published by the User as well as its nature or context.

    3.7 The information, that has been published on the Website, is free to access by any User, third party or Website Administration for their personal purposes. A User agrees that the info provided can be copied, stored, shared, published or used in any other way by third parties.

    3.8 The Website Administration reserves the right to make all necessary changes to the added Battle. Changes may include info correction, reduction, updates, etc.

    3.9 Once registered on the Website, a User agrees to receive notification from the Website Administration via email.

    3.10 A User confirms that all the information provided has been added upon her or his own request without forcing. The information includes data shared during the sign-in process, adding a new Battle, voting, etc. The term refers also to unregistered users and third parties who visit the Website.

  4. Users' Limitations

    4.1 A Website User has no right to:

    4.1.1 Add battles that contradict with the state laws and regulations. It refers to Battles that might be offensive or abusive. The same refers to the battle that discusses other people or violatestheir personal rights and legislations in terms of privacy. Users are forbidden to add Battles that violate people’s honor and dignity as well as rights protected by the law. Website Administration forbids Battles that incite religious or racial hatred or contain the call to violence.

    4.1.2 Provide fake personal information when signing in or upon the Website Administration request.

    4.1.3 Use the website or add new battles to advertise and promote specific services, goods, third parties, etc. by means of scripts, codes or software.

    4.1.4 Violate third-party and User intellectual property rights by publishing the information on the Website that does not belong to a User who actually shares it. This mainly refers to category images and other info necessary to add a new battle.

    4.1.5 Integrate any kind of harmful code and malicious software (viruses, Trojans, worms, etc.) that may result in the information deleted from the Website.

    4.1.6 Initiate unauthorized access from other Users’ accounts as well as try to collect their personal data, passwords, etc.

    4.1.7 Violate other Users' rights or restrict their access to the Website in any way.

    4.2 The Website Administration reserves the right to take drastic measures towards users who violate the Terms described in section 5.1 of the given policy. Such measures are defined by section 6.1 and may include recoupment or compensations resulted in illegal actions or violation of the given terms.

  5. Responsibilities

    5.1 If a User violates any of the given Terms, the Website Administration has the right to take any of the following measures:

    • Block User's access to his or her account for a certain period;
    • Disclose User's account;
    • Restrict User's access and limit his or her actions on the Website for a certain period or for good.

    5.2 The Website Administration is not responsible for any kind of losses or costs resulted in Website usage. They may include:

    • Losses and costs as the result of fake information published on the Website;
    • Losses and costs as the result of unauthorized access by third parties including other Website Users.
  6. Dispute Settlement Procedure

    6.1 The website Administrator and the User have hereby established a pretrial claim procedure for the settlement of disagreements and disputes that may arise when applying to the given Terms. The deadline for a response to a submittedclaim is 10 business days from the submission date.

    6.2 If disputes or disagreements between the Administration and User arise, the Website Administration reserves the right to take measures and resolve the issue reconciliation of each dispute participant.