Best Managed Wordpress Hosting Sites

Building websites from scratch has become easy. Newbies with zero technical skills may come up with a ready-to-go site in minutes thanks to web building instruments like WordPress CMS. A powerful engine is combined with a super-easy content editor making the software a #1 choice for more than 400 million active users. According to the latest stats, WP powers more than 34% of live sites.

The CMS is flexible enough to build any website type. It delivers a wide selection of responsive templates in addition to endless plugins great for on-page customization. However, a single CMS is not enough for website deployment. A user will need reliable hosting to store site files as well as ensure smooth running with no downtime despite the traffic leaps.

Choosing a proper hosting provider might be a challenge. Site owners should keep an eye on the uptime rate, page load speed, security means, as well as compatibility with WordPress. We have conducted a list of top WP-optimized web hosting providers that ensure seamless CMS integration, plugins, and premium themes included in the plan.

TOP 10 Best Wordpress Hosting Services


WPcomplex - Managed Wordpress Hosting

One of the most affordable WordPress-optimized hosting providers with its plans starting at $0.92. The entry plan comes with a bunch of fundamental features that ensure a one-click CMS integration. Users are free to switch between the hosting cPanel as well as use traditional WordPress dashboard.

Managed WordPress VPS Plans & Pricing

  • Small - $10/month for 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD Storage, 1 CPU Core and 2 TB traffic per month;
  • Standard - $20/month for 4 GB RAM, 40 GB SSD Storage, 2 CPU Core and 4 TB traffic per month;
  • Professional - $60/month for 8 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD Storage, 4 CPU Core and 6 TB traffic per month;
  • Advanced - $120/month for 16 GB RAM, 240 GB SSD Storage, 8 CPU Core and 12 TB traffic per month.

Site owners will not have to handle the WP installation process manually. The system will take care of it automatically as well as manage all your plugin and system updates. Additional security means already include free SSL, access to WordPress plugins and themes, regular system backups, etc.


WPcomplex - Managed Wordpress Hosting is not just a hosting provider. The company delivers a set of WP-oriented services to meet both marketers and developers’ needs. It helps web designers and programmers to create customizable and unique WordPress themes using a set of developer tools, frameworks, and exclusive premium WP layouts.

Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Startup - $35/month for 10 GB local storage, 50 GB Bandwidth and 25 000 visits;
  • Growth - $115/month for 20 GB local storage, 200 GB Bandwidth and 100 000 visits;
  • Scale - $290/month for 30 GB local storage, 400 GB Bandwidth and 400 000 visits.

As for the hosting, it offers several major server solutions that will mainly meet enterprise ad business needs. Individuals will hardly appreciate pricy plans generally designed for growing and scalable projects. Smaller sites and blogs will hardy need so many assets.


Bluehost - Best Web Hosting

Bluehost is the #1 choice for millions of WP-powered site owners. The company has become a WordPress-recommended hosting provider many years ago. It delivers fast and simple solutions for any project despite the complexity. Users may opt for low-priced basic WordPress hosting plans to power blogs and content-based sites or choose advanced facilities delivered by eCommerce server solutions.

WordPress Web Hosting Plans

  • Basic - $2.75/month for 1 Website, 50 GB SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain for 1 Year;
  • Plus - $5.45/month for Unlimited Websites, Unmetered SSD Storage, Free SSL Certificate, Free Domain for 1 Year.

The system is easy to get started even for newbies and non-technicians. It has an intuitive control panel in addition to comprehensive support in case there is an issue to resolve. Seamless WP installation, free site migration and 1-year domain, great uptime and loading speed, enhanced security means – those are the features delivered by Bluehost. That is why it is still the best-managed WordPress hosting.


WPXhosting - Fastest WordPress Hosting

The platform claims to be the fastest WP-optimized hosting solution in 2019. The tests have shown good uptime at 0.80 seconds of page load time. Apart from typical WordPress-oriented features, the company promises almost instant support in addition to its extended knowledge base. According to the reviews, it usually takes support managers 37 seconds to come back with the answer.

Managed CDN-Powered Superfast Plans & Pricing

  • Business - $20.83/month for 5 Websites, 10 GB Storage and 100 GB Bandwidth;
  • Professional - $41.58/month for 15 Websites, 20 GB Storage and 200 GB Bandwidth;
  • Elite - $83.25/month for 35 Websites, 40 GB Storage and Unlimited Bandwidth.

Subscribers may benefit from instant Live Chat features in addition to other means to get a fast response. WPXhosting has multiple data centers and servers located in different parts of the world including the United States, Europe, Latin America, Canada, etc.


Kinsta - Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is another popular WordPress hosting provider. Its key features include fully-managed hosting. Users may set the assets they will use without overpaying for bandwidth or storage that are never used. If a project requires more assets, site owners may proceed with the seamless plan upgrade.

Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting: Plans and Pricing

  • Starter - $30/month for 10 GB disk space, 20 000 visits, 1 WordPress install, Free SSL & CDN;
  • Pro - $60/month for 20 GB disk space, 40 000 visits, 2 WordPress install, Free SSL & CDN;
  • Business 1 - $100/month for 30 GB disk space, 100 000 visits, 5 WordPress install, Free SSL & CDN;
  • Enterprise 1 - $600/month for 100 GB disk space, 1 000 000 visits, 60 WordPress install, Free SSL & CDN.

Each plan includes free website migration. In other words, the Kinsta team will transfer an existing project from the previous hosting provider at no cost. A great feature in addition to daily system backups and fast restoring process in case of breakdown. The platform uses Google Cloud platform that makes it easy to import website data with a click.


Pressidium - Managed WordPress Hosting website seems to still the design form Kinsta. Both platforms look the same. However, they serve different business needs. Pressidium is a WP-optimized hosting provider designed for enterprises and growing projects. For example, the entry plan starts at $42 per month for 3 WordPress sites at a time. Each package includes free site migrating, daily backups and round-the-clock customer support.

Pressidium Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • Micro - $21/month for 5 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 1 WordPress site and designed for 10K Unique visits;
  • Personal - $42/month for 10 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 3 WordPress sites and designed for 30K Unique visits;
  • Professional - $125/month for 20 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 10 WordPress sites and designed for 100K Unique visits;
  • Business - $250/month for 30 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 25 WordPress sites and designed for 500K Unique visits;
  • Business Plus - $500/month for 40 GB Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth, 50 WordPress sites and designed for 1 Million Unique visits.

The only difference is in the number of websites available as well as disk space and storage. However, for that price Pressidium could offer unlimited storage facilities.


Cloudways - Managed Cloud Hosting Platform Simplified

The platform delivers fully managed server solutions for WordPress with its custom CDN service that improves server response as well as the overall site performance. Users may choose from 4 different plans and packages. They are not as affordable as some may expect. The entry plan costs $10 per month featuring 1GB of RMA and 1TB of bandwidth.

Available data centers: DigitalOcean, Linode, VULTR, AWS and Google Cloud.

WordPress Managed Hosting Plans for DigitalOcean Data Centers

  • $10/month for 1 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 25 GB Storage, 1 TB Bandwidth;
  • $22/month for 2 GB RAM, 1 Core Processor, 50 GB Storage, 2 TB Bandwidth;
  • $42/month for 4 GB RAM, 2 Core Processor, 80 GB Storage, 4 TB Bandwidth;
  • 80/month for 8 GB RAM, 4 Core Processor, 160 GB Storage, 5 TB Bandwidth;
  • $135/month for 16 GB RAM, 6 Core Processor, 320 GB Storage, 6 TB Bandwidth;
  • $230/month for 32 GB RAM, 8 Core Processor, 640 GB Storage, 7 TB Bandwidth.

All plans include free SSL and site migration in addition to integrated CDN service. Advanced caching, automated backup, DDoS prevention means, and error detecting systems are available for all users as well as the free trial.


Getflywheel - Managed WordPress Hosting for Designers and Agencies

The platform is not just a service provider. It delivers a rich set of features for all WordPress owners who require enhanced assets. The system was designed as a combination of enterprise and personal server solutions and web development tools. Users are free to create and host their own sites from scratch as well as team up with developers, programmers or designers thanks to advanced collaboration instruments.

Flywheel Managed WordPress Hosting: Pricing and Plans

  • Starter - $23/month for 5 GB disk, 50 GB bandwidth, 1 WordPress install and 25 000 monthly visits;
  • Freelance - $105/month for 20 GB disk, 200 GB bandwidth, up to 10 sites and 100 000 monthly visits;
  • Agency - $266/month for 50 GB disk, 500 GB bandwidth, up to 30 sites and 500 000 monthly visits.

All hosting solutions are available through the Google Cloud. It means 100% security. If one server goes down, another one from the cloud will automatically replace it. Website owners will not even notice the downfall. The key downside here is that plans are too pricy.


Pagely - Managed WordPress Hosting is another example of WP hosting designed to meet business and enterprise needs. IT will not work out for beginners or individual website owners eager to launch a blog. portfolio or small business site. The platform offers self-crafted VPS hosting solutions for salable projects that call for enhanced performance.

Powerful Managed WordPress VPS Hosting Plans

  • VBurst-1 - $199/month for 30 GB disk, 20 GB bandwidth, 150 GB PressCDN and max 5 sites;
  • VBurst-2 - $299/month for 30 GB disk, 50 GB bandwidth, 350 GB PressCDN and max 15 sites;
  • VPS-1 - $499/month for 50 GB disk, 200 GB bandwidth, 1 TB PressCDN and max 35 sites;
  • VPS-2 - $999/month for 50 GB disk, 300 GB bandwidth, 2 TB PressCDN and max 60 sites;
  • VPS-1+ [HA] - $1249/month for 50 GB disk, 500 GB bandwidth, 3 TB PressCDN and max 30 sites.

There are to major plans available for users. The first one is the Business plan that costs $199 per month. The second package is for agencies and huge international projects with high traffic starting at $2,500 per month. It comes with resource scaling, multi-region redundancy, and more.


SiteGround - Web Hosting Services Crafted with Care

Another premium WordPress server solution to meet different needs. It will fit bloggers looking for a cheap and reliable platform to host their small sites. Siteground is good for small business and content-based websites. It will also work out for eCommerce projects despite the size of the digital store. The system has a separate offer for WooCommerce powered projects in addition to its web and cloud hosting solutions for the most demanding projects.

SiteGround Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

  • StartUp - 3.95 €/mo. for 10 GB web space, 10 000 visits and One website hosted;
  • GrowBig - 6.45 €/mo. for 20 GB web space, 25 000 visits and Unlimited websites hosted;
  • GoGeek - 11.95 €/mo. for 30 GB web space, 100 000 visits and Unlimited websites hosted.

Apart from baseline features. has its custom website builder with drag-and-drop functionality to let beginners crate ready-to-go sites in minutes. Managed WP hosting comes with additional collaboration tools, free website transfer, and other award-winning features.

Features to Consider when Choosing WP Hosting

With so many trusted platforms, newbies may find it challenging to pick the right one. It will result in overpaying for assets they do not even need. To prevent our readers from financial losses, here are some key features to look for when choosing the WordPress hosting platform:

  • Storage and Bandwidth – is it going to be a simple blog, online store or small business website. Defining the project type is crucial before buying a plan. A user should clearly understand the content volume as well as the number of media files and other site assets to be hosted. Moreover, it is important to predict the expected traffic.
  • Performance – uptime and page load speed may have a vital role when it comes to users’ satisfaction. Moreover, low site speed may have a negative effect on SEO ranking.
  • Security – a trusted hosting provider takes all steps to protect users’ sites from downfalls or breakdowns. Most platforms have integrated algorithms to detect and eliminate digital threats in the face of DDoS attacks, spammers or scammers.
  • Extra Features – having free SSL, 1-year domain offer or site migration at zero cost might be another plus in favor of a chosen platform.

WordPress CMS is still the best option to create any website type. However, it should have a compatible hosting solution to ensure the project’s smooth operation and future growth.